Energy is literally the life blood of society and the “secret sauce” enabling virtually every other modern industry. Unfortunately, we now live during a time when physics-defying delusions dominate our energy policies.

Oil and gas executives are responsible for leading their respective organizations to provide urgently needed energy for the everyday lives of billions of people.  Oil and gas executives are distinctly and unusually qualified to recognize and appreciate the extraordinary value of an energy-dense fuel such as nuclear energy to provide safe, reliable, affordable, abundant, resilient, and virtually carbon-free power.  Although oil and gas executives do not work in the nuclear industry and do not profit from nuclear industry’s success, they nevertheless recognize that nuclear energy is important to the long-term political stability, peace and economic prosperity of the United States and the remainder of the world.

Oil and gas executives openly supporting nuclear energy sends a powerful message to policy makers about the need to forge common-sense energy policies which include a greater role for nuclear energy. Click here to see our Declaration of Oil & Gas Executives in Support of Nuclear Energy. Click here to see our growing list if signatory parties. If you are a current, former or retired oil and gas executive and would like to sign the Declaration, please click here.